Game Schedules

Unless otherwise noted, all games start play at 6:30 pm.

Below is the schedule for the full summer 2023 season of the OCSL.

Below is a schedule for the planned games. After the first 5 games, teams may move from one division to another based on the 5 game seeding. The next 5 games will also give teams another chance to move from one division to another division based on the previous 5 games played. The end of season ranking is based on the total games played throughout the entire season.

The top team and the bottom team of the adjacent divisions will swap after the 5 and 10 game mark.

Playoffs Note: The home team for the second game will be the higher ranked team going in. (i.e if it ends up being A4 vs A2 that play each other then A2 would be home team)